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OM SRI SAINADHAYA NAMAHA SRI SHIRDI SAI BHAHUGALA LAKSHA DEEPA MAHA SANDHYA AARTHI ON 29-11-2015 SUNDAY,  VENUE: BRAHAMANANDAREDDY STADIUM, GUNTUR. A cordial invitation to Sai Temple organizers,members of satsang, preachers, Sai tattvasevasamstha and to every adherent devotee of Sai Baba. Sai Bahugalaaarthi is a congregation of Sai devotees. Karthikamasam is one of the most auspicious and sacred month which usually falls in the month of November. One can attain the heights of sanctity by worshipping lord Shiva and Damodara in this month which is also considered highly auspicious. It is considered very important to perform activities like Bathing in river, deepadhanam , visiting holy places and shrines, lighting lamp with cow’s ghee, samaradhana, reading sacred texts, Divakainkaryam. Any austerity performed during the month of Karthikamasam would help one to free oneself from all the and lead them towards Moksha(liberation of soul).By doing these one can attain vaikuntaprapti and will be completely free from the karmic bondage. There is no discrimination as both rich and poor or anyone doing these good activities will be benefited. On the occasion of 105th aarthimahotsavam Sri shirdi Sai BhahugalaLakshadeepaMaha Sandhya Aarthi will be conducted to lord Shirdi Sai who is considered to be the manifestation of many deities. All the donors will be blessed for their assistance and they can attain good results. ON 28-11-2015 SATURDAY AUSPICIOUS DAY OF  KARTHIKAMASAM(ARUDRANAKSHTRAM) LIGHTING OF LAMP BY: SRI SRISRIACHALANANDASWAMY (VINUKONDAACHALANANDAASHRAMAPAATADHIPATI). FROM MORNING 5.00 TILL NEXT DAY MORNING 5.00 CLOCK I.E. 24 HOURS Devotees can directly perform Abhisekhma to Saligramam with the holy water and Om Sri SairamsaranagathiYagam is performed (contemplation on lord’s name that means namasmarana by Sai devotees for 108 times and aahuti is offered to Sai dharmajyothidhuni. SPECIAL PROGRAMMES: ON 28-11-2015 SATURDAY FROM 9-00 - 1-00CLK. SAKALADOSHANIVARANAHOMAM (REMEDIES): This programme will be conducted under the vigilance of Sri SriSriNalluri Ramachandra Bhattacharyulu (by Mangalagiri Lakshmi Narshimahaswamydevasthanam). The following activities like Ganapati, Rudra, Navagraha, Gayatri, Lakshmi sudarshana, Chandi, Subhramanya, Sarvasukti, Dattahomam will be conducted. By participating in this programme one can get rid of bad effects related with financial affairs, illness, marriage, motherhood, business etc.., and free oneself as soon as possible and attain good results. (Persons who wish to take part should enrol their names beforehand) ON 29-11-2015 SUNDAY From morning 8.00 -10.00: Visheshadravyaabhisekham is performed to Lord Shirdi Sai From 10.00-12.00: Lakshmi Ganapathihomam is performed on the auspicious occasion of Sankataharachathurti by 108 vedapandits, Viswashantihomam and purnaahuti will be conducted. 12-00: Purnaahuti by Sri SriSriSiddeshwaraanandaBharathiMahaswamy (Kurthalampeetadhipati). From evening 4.00-9.00: Bhakti sangeetaVibhavari by cine singers. From evening 6.30-7.00: Bahugalalakshadeepamahasandhyaaarthi and kotideepotsavam will be performed. SPECIALITIES OF THE PROGRAMME Deeparadhana (lighting lamps) with 365 cotton wicks in Karthikamasam (i.e in the month of November) is considered very auspicious and believed to bring good results. It is very prosperous to perform sandhyaaarthi to lord Shirdi Sai with one lakh wicks. Committee will provide lamps, wicks and oil to all the devotees. It is a special programme which is never ever conducted by anyone which is arranged on the model of Shirdi by cine artists. It is very fortunate for the devotees who participate in this aarthi. Many important persons like peethadhipati’s, swamiji’s, temple organizers and preachers will be present on this special occasion. Preachers from Bhakti T.V. will be present to deliver their blessings and speeches. With various form of arts like music and dance this programme will be conducted and followed by Pallakisevamahotsavam. One who participates in this aarthi will be given an opportunity to see Dattavatharam and Paduka’s. Competitions will be conducted in order to select the best singers for singing Sandhya aarthi. Winner will be getting a free trip to Shirdi. Interested persons who wish to take part should enrol their names beforehand. Dedicated devotees will be felicitated accordingly. October 30th is the Last date of enrolment. Only Early enrolee will get a chance to enter. We request everyone to support us by offering money and make this programme successful. ORGANISED BY: Sai Srinivas Shirdi Sai Upasakulu,Bakthi TV Pravachakulu Founder & Chairman Saiparivar