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Sai Bhavishya Vani

Sai Bhavishya Vani

Lord Saibaba’s incarnation (avatar) is very significant.One can get answer for all the problems with the help of his biography, Jeevitha Charitha.When we observe closely lord Sai protected his devotees from many dangers by keeping their future in mind. Some devotees of Baba opined that there is no need to believe in horoscope. There are some devotees who follow suggestions given by the astrologers regarding the problems indicated by horoscope. There are many incidents (leelas) in Baba’s life where he gave a detailed viewon the horoscope of the devotees who came to him.

Baba warned Thattya Kote Patel by saying that the day was not favourable to him and asked him to take Shyama along with him when he said that he would go to the fair. By not considering Baba’s words Thattya went to the fair where he injured himself by falling from his bullock cart. The same thing happened with a European who injured himself in an accident.

Savithri bai Tendulkar approached Saibaba after she met astrologers regarding the out come of his son’s performance in his medical examination who told that it was not in favour to him. But Baba assured that he would succeed in the exam only when he studied by having faith on him.

In this leela we come to know that Baba never said that following astrology is wrong but he asked to have faith on him.

Guru is the only person who can reduce Karma. Any kind of Karma can be eliminated only when one surrenders oneself completely to Guru. Baba was never against traditions, practices and performing rituals. Baba used to bless his devotees accordingto their inner emotional feelings.Baba showered his grace in accordance with theworthiness ofhisdevotees.

Baba’s devotee Gopal Narayan Ambadekar (resident of Pune)wanted to end his life in Shirdidue to his miserable circumstances and not having enough dare to lead his life as he was not successful in getting a job even after many trials. Baba by taking Sagunamehr Nayak’s help made Gopal Narayan to read Akalkothmaharaj’s biography (charitra) which taught him that one should experience their karma and that committing suicide is regarded as the utmost sin. Soon with Baba’s inspiration he excelled in Astrology. He led his entire life as Baba’s servant (sevakudu).This is the fact which is not only related to former time but still prevalent in the words of his true devotees which are said out of Baba’s blessings through which may lives are being filled with happiness.

Lord Sai is still keeping his vow ‘’if someone is in need of my suggestions or help I will answer them immediately’’.

Baba used to warn his devotees not only about the periling danger but in many contexts Baba said that they were experiencing Karma because of former birth’s actions. Baba confined Karma in the cases of Bhimaji Patel, Pillai and among others who were suffering from illness. Lord Sai Baba he used to cure them with Vibhuti (sacred ash), for giving his devotees a better life with his divine touch, and by taking bhiksha and Dhakshina from them or by teaching the remedy for that problem. “Yadbhavam Tad bhavathi “(you become what you think) (as is the feeling, so is the result). In accord with our Bhavam (inner meaning) lord Sai’s grace will be showered on us. As we see every god in him there is nothing wrong in approaching him for the remedies which confine our GrahaDosha (remedies for the planets) and by paying compensation to him.