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Sai Sahavasam

Sai Sahavasam

The utterance or chanting of the word Sai itself gives pleasure. What else do we require other than being along with Sai? Sai devotees are pleased with lord’s presence. The reason beyond this fondness is his unknown power. That is the reason why we experience happiness in his presence. Lord Sai says that his devotees come to him only with desires.

Our journey continues with Sai till we reach our Mahaprasthanam (journey). What is the reason behind this? Did Sai entice us by reciting any mantras?

No, we are in accord with him. The statement of lord Sai “I would draw my devotees closer to me by any means” remains imperishable.

“If someone needs my help or my suggestions I will answer them immediately “(as said by Baba).

By keeping up his word at that instant and even now, he stands as Samrat (king) among all the yogis. He is living incessantly in every devotee’s heart. Sakhyatvam (sneham or friendship) which is oneof the navavidha bhakti marga drives us to surrender our soul to God.

We can see how parabrahma swaroopa Sai is making us to move towards him. It’s not only his Mahima or his words which call us. We go to his darshan on suggestion from someone and gain his anugraha (anugrahaprapti). For that very reason when we consider lord Sai’s charithra, we come to know that many devotees such as bhakta Mahalsapati along with Shyama, Tattya Kothe Patel, Dasaganu Maharaj, Radhakrishna Mayee, Hemadhipanth and others realized a wonderful experience with baba’s association (sahacharyam). Being familiar to him is a fortune. To follow him is a boon. To spend time with him is only because of one’s former birth’s meritorious actions. Getting an opportunity to serve (seva) him adds meaning and value to life.

This is the reason why we should consider him as our role model through which we attain wonderful pleasure. When we pay visit to lord Sai our body and heart should be thrilled with excitement and joy. Then we must pray Sai with ecstasy from bottom of our heart. To realize such experience we should practice the same.

Association (sahavasam) with lord Sai can be obtained by parayana (regular study) which must be done with practice. Then we can reform ourselves by eliminating vices. It is a requisite for every Sai devotee. Regular habit of spending enough time daily will lead everyone to realize Sai sahavasam.