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Nenu Undaga Bhayamela

Nenu Undaga Bhayamela

Remedy for Sai Baba’s devotees who are suffering from the doosha (harmful effect) related to Ravi (planet sun).

As being lord Sainadha’s (Akhilanda koti brahmanda naakadu) devotees his blessings are always with us. In this human form we are followed by Karma (cause and effect) where Graha doosham acts as a causative factor. Guru is only the one who can reduce our Karma. That is the reason from that day to this day he is reducing the Karma of the needful who are approaching him.

Everyone has to experience the Agama, Sanchita and Prarabdha karmas in the life. As a Guru is aware of them, he suggests the deeds to be performed in order to reduce the karmas.

Agama karma : the actions that we are planning for the future. It is the actions that may be achieved or not depending on the choices (free will) that we make now and made in the past.

Sanchita karma : is the sum of all past actions performed in this lifetime and former lifetime.

Prarabdha karma : is the part of Sanchita karma which is going to be experienced during this lifetime.

By uncovering these facts to Guru who can confine the bad effects by making us to perform virtuous actions which are done as a remedy, Sai made his devotees to do various deeds as a remedy by which Karma (effect) can be reduced.

Let’s see the remedies for the people who are suffering from Ravi doosham which can be reduced by doing Sai seva. Planet Ravi (sun) is responsible for having best life. If Ravi is situated in favourable position then the person can attain success in every aspect. One will be blessed with good health, good body structure, job, status and with good knowledge. If we take a closer look there are people who face various problems daily by which they tend to change their mind frequently by approaching different persons. In the process they are not aware of losing their valuable time and money.

Sai suggested a remedy then as he did not want his devotees to get exhausted by such activities. Sai wanted some dishes to be prepared such as chapatti made out of Godhuma (wheat), Godhuma halwa (sweet), Godhuma pindhi (flour), Chapatti, kesari ( south Indian sweet). Baba used to serve the prepared food first to the servants (sevakulu) and to the devotees who came to him and later he used to have that food. It is an easiest way of dealing with a problem. Lord surya bhagavan is a form of lord Narayana. Sai, who is himself knowledge personified, used to mill the wheat grains to highlight the aspect of eliminating surya doosha. It is recommended to offer food to Baba daily (which is made out of Godhumulu) (wheat flour) for persons who are experiencing Ravigraha doosham. Along with Godhumulu, cow’s milk, cow’s ghee, jaggery, and sugar can be used.

Food (prasadam) should be prepared out of wheat flour which must be distributed among the devotees. It can be used for the events such as ahisekham, pooja, harathi which take place early in the morning and for the events such as Special poojas, Sandhyaarathi and in bhajana which take place at sunset.

In case if one cannot go to the temple they can offer food to any living being. One should practice this regularly for 40 days without missing a single day. We can consider Lord saibaba’s roopam in our pet animals and offer food to them. Food can be offered to our pets such as fishes, tortoise, dog, cat, birds along with other living beings. The most important factor is to have faith while following these activities. Don’t wait for the result. One should have a belief that in every living form God is present. People with Birth stars like Krittika, Uttara, Uttaraashada, and persons born in Simha lagnam, Ravi mahardasha, Anthardasha, Ravi dasha can follow these remedies immediately by keeping faith in Baba. Then Lord Sai himself being Ravi Graha will confine our doosham (harmful effect). So, let’s start doing this activity which is followed by many devotees. To experience Sai baba’s grace lets chant Sairam and be happy.