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Sai Bhavishya Vani
IN SHIRIDI Sai Bhavishya Vani Lord Saibaba’s incarnation (avatar) is very significant.One can get answer for all the problems with the help of his biography, Jeevitha Charitha.When we observe closely lord Sai protected his devotees from many dangers by keeping their future in mind. Some devotees of Baba opined that there is no need to believe in horoscope. There are some devotees who follow suggestions given by the astrologers regarding the problems indicated by horoscope. There are many incidents (leelas) in Baba’s life where he gave a detailed viewon the horoscope of the devotees who came to him. Baba warned Thattya Kote Patel by saying that the day was not favourable to him and asked him to take Shyama along with him when he said that he would go to the fair. By not considering Baba’s words Thattya went to the fair where he injured himself by falling from his bullock cart. The same thing happened with a European who injured himself in an accident. Savithri bai Tendulkar approached Saibaba after she met astrologers regarding the out come of his son’s performance in his medical examination who told that it was not in favour to him. But Baba assured that he would succeed in the exam only when he studied by having faith on him. In this leela we come to know that Baba never said that following astrology is wrong but he asked to have faith on him. Guru is the only person who can reduce Karma. Any kind of Karma can be eliminated only when one surrenders oneself completely to Guru. Baba was never against traditions, practices and performing rituals. Baba used to bless his devotees accordingto their inner emotional feelings.Baba showered his grace in accordance with theworthiness ofhisdevotees. Baba’s devotee Gopal Narayan Ambadekar (resident of Pune)wanted to end his life in Shirdidue to his miserable circumstances and not having enough dare to lead his life as he was not successful in getting a job even after many trials. Baba by taking Sagunamehr Nayak’s help made Gopal Narayan to read Akalkothmaharaj’s biography (charitra) which taught him that one should experience their karma and that committing suicide is regarded as the utmost sin. Soon with Baba’s inspiration he excelled in Astrology. He led his entire life as Baba’s servant (sevakudu).This is the fact which is not only related to former time but still prevalent in the words of his true devotees which are said out of Baba’s blessings through which may lives are being filled with happiness. Lord Sai is still keeping his vow ‘’if someone is in need of my suggestions or help I will answer them immediately’’. Baba used to warn his devotees not only about the periling danger but in many contexts Baba said that they were experiencing Karma because of former birth’s actions. Baba confined Karma in the cases of Bhimaji Patel, Pillai and among others who were suffering from illness. Lord Sai Baba he used to cure them with Vibhuti (sacred ash), for giving his devotees a better life with his divine touch, and by taking bhiksha and Dhakshina from them or by teaching the remedy for that problem. “Yadbhavam Tad bhavathi “(you become what you think) (as is the feeling, so is the result). In accord with our Bhavam (inner meaning) lord Sai’s grace will be showered on us. As we see every god in him there is nothing wrong in approaching him for the remedies which confine our GrahaDosha (remedies for the planets) and by paying compensation to him.
Sai Sahavasam
IN SHIRIDI Sai Sahavasam The utterance or chanting of the word Sai itself gives pleasure. What else do we require other than being along with Sai? Sai devotees are pleased with lord’s presence. The reason beyond this fondness is his unknown power. That is the reason why we experience happiness in his presence. Lord Sai says that his devotees come to him only with desires. Our journey continues with Sai till we reach our Mahaprasthanam (journey). What is the reason behind this? Did Sai entice us by reciting any mantras? No, we are in accord with him. The statement of lord Sai “I would draw my devotees closer to me by any means” remains imperishable. “If someone needs my help or my suggestions I will answer them immediately “(as said by Baba). By keeping up his word at that instant and even now, he stands as Samrat (king) among all the yogis. He is living incessantly in every devotee’s heart. Sakhyatvam (sneham or friendship) which is oneof the navavidha bhakti marga drives us to surrender our soul to God. We can see how parabrahma swaroopa Sai is making us to move towards him. It’s not only his Mahima or his words which call us. We go to his darshan on suggestion from someone and gain his anugraha (anugrahaprapti). For that very reason when we consider lord Sai’s charithra, we come to know that many devotees such as bhakta Mahalsapati along with Shyama, Tattya Kothe Patel, Dasaganu Maharaj, Radhakrishna Mayee, Hemadhipanth and others realized a wonderful experience with baba’s association (sahacharyam). Being familiar to him is a fortune. To follow him is a boon. To spend time with him is only because of one’s former birth’s meritorious actions. Getting an opportunity to serve (seva) him adds meaning and value to life. This is the reason why we should consider him as our role model through which we attain wonderful pleasure. When we pay visit to lord Sai our body and heart should be thrilled with excitement and joy. Then we must pray Sai with ecstasy from bottom of our heart. To realize such experience we should practice the same. Association (sahavasam) with lord Sai can be obtained by parayana (regular study) which must be done with practice. Then we can reform ourselves by eliminating vices. It is a requisite for every Sai devotee. Regular habit of spending enough time daily will lead everyone to realize Sai sahavasam.
Nenu Undaga Bhayamela
IN SHIRIDI Nenu Undaga Bhayamela Remedy for Sai Baba’s devotees who are suffering from the doosha (harmful effect) related to Ravi (planet sun). As being lord Sainadha’s (Akhilanda koti brahmanda naakadu) devotees his blessings are always with us. In this human form we are followed by Karma (cause and effect) where Graha doosham acts as a causative factor. Guru is only the one who can reduce our Karma. That is the reason from that day to this day he is reducing the Karma of the needful who are approaching him. Everyone has to experience the Agama, Sanchita and Prarabdha karmas in the life. As a Guru is aware of them, he suggests the deeds to be performed in order to reduce the karmas. Agama karma : the actions that we are planning for the future. It is the actions that may be achieved or not depending on the choices (free will) that we make now and made in the past. Sanchita karma : is the sum of all past actions performed in this lifetime and former lifetime. Prarabdha karma : is the part of Sanchita karma which is going to be experienced during this lifetime. By uncovering these facts to Guru who can confine the bad effects by making us to perform virtuous actions which are done as a remedy, Sai made his devotees to do various deeds as a remedy by which Karma (effect) can be reduced. Let’s see the remedies for the people who are suffering from Ravi doosham which can be reduced by doing Sai seva. Planet Ravi (sun) is responsible for having best life. If Ravi is situated in favourable position then the person can attain success in every aspect. One will be blessed with good health, good body structure, job, status and with good knowledge. If we take a closer look there are people who face various problems daily by which they tend to change their mind frequently by approaching different persons. In the process they are not aware of losing their valuable time and money. Sai suggested a remedy then as he did not want his devotees to get exhausted by such activities. Sai wanted some dishes to be prepared such as chapatti made out of Godhuma (wheat), Godhuma halwa (sweet), Godhuma pindhi (flour), Chapatti, kesari ( south Indian sweet). Baba used to serve the prepared food first to the servants (sevakulu) and to the devotees who came to him and later he used to have that food. It is an easiest way of dealing with a problem. Lord surya bhagavan is a form of lord Narayana. Sai, who is himself knowledge personified, used to mill the wheat grains to highlight the aspect of eliminating surya doosha. It is recommended to offer food to Baba daily (which is made out of Godhumulu) (wheat flour) for persons who are experiencing Ravigraha doosham. Along with Godhumulu, cow’s milk, cow’s ghee, jaggery, and sugar can be used. Food (prasadam) should be prepared out of wheat flour which must be distributed among the devotees. It can be used for the events such as ahisekham, pooja, harathi which take place early in the morning and for the events such as Special poojas, Sandhyaarathi and in bhajana which take place at sunset. In case if one cannot go to the temple they can offer food to any living being. One should practice this regularly for 40 days without missing a single day. We can consider Lord saibaba’s roopam in our pet animals and offer food to them. Food can be offered to our pets such as fishes, tortoise, dog, cat, birds along with other living beings. The most important factor is to have faith while following these activities. Don’t wait for the result. One should have a belief that in every living form God is present. People with Birth stars like Krittika, Uttara, Uttaraashada, and persons born in Simha lagnam, Ravi mahardasha, Anthardasha, Ravi dasha can follow these remedies immediately by keeping faith in Baba. Then Lord Sai himself being Ravi Graha will confine our doosham (harmful effect). So, let’s start doing this activity which is followed by many devotees. To experience Sai baba’s grace lets chant Sairam and be happy.
Sai Swarupam
IN SHIRIDI Sai Swarupam Sadguru took form as Sai swarupam to bless his devotees with God’s leela vinoda. He never dressed himself with pattu pitambaram (saffron robes made out of silk) or embellished himself with ornaments. But there is a hidden power (divya tejassu) which draws us towards him. When we see lord with Bhakti we can’t stop staring. When we feel lord as Sadguru and do his Seva we realize a pleasant experience. Sai devotees undergo numerous experiences. We take great pleasure always by recalling lord’s idol or by seeing his photographs. It is not an overstatement to say that Shirdhi sai is recognized not only in India but to the whole world. Lord Sai baba when alive blessed a devotee with swapna shakshatkaram which shows a replica of an unseen bhangima (posture) and also which helped in the making of a marble statue. In shirdi it took a form in Samadhi mandir and is serving devotees as a kalpavriksha. It is today in every town cherished as kamadhenu. The Idol exhibits the veerasana pose of lord Sai with right leg resting above the left. The inner meaning of this posture cannot be explained in words. Sadgurus leelatattva is understood only when right leg’s thumb is seen across the gap of his fingers. One who thinks normally expects only his darshan. The one who is in search of Gyanamarga surrenders himself to the divine feet completely. The left foot is considered to fulfil only our desires. Right foot helps us by providing the required atma sakshatkaram and jenmarahityam. But we mostly pay attention to the left foot. The inner meaning of right foot can be known only by overlooking Maya. By fulfilling the desires with the left foot and by slowly drawing interest towards the right by providing Parinati and one who leads his life by following Gurumarga is absolved from the bhavasagara by the blessings of sai. This is the essence of the sitting posture of the lord Sai. The sitting posture of lord Sai conveys a message. The ultimate aim is to provide Gyanamarga by setting Guruparampara as a platform and by practising Nishkama karma and the parabrahma personifying seva is nothing but sai swarupam. The responsibility of Sai devotee is to lead life by recalling Sai swaroopam and being aware of this ultimate truth. So, let’s be happy by chanting sairam.
Antha Saimayam
IN SHIRIDI Anthaa Saimayam The word Sai spread universally can be seen and heard everywhere. What is the power of the letters in the word Sai? Is it a charm or any mantra? The word Sai is ubiquitous which is used to name children at home or even enterprises in the society. The response to the matra Sai owes definitely to the power in the name Sai. It is Sai’s power that is invested everywhere. This is the absolute truth. This is the reason for the power which is spreading ceaselessly every second. No one can lead their life without thinking of his roopam or reciting his name. When we try to examine the reason behind this, Lord Sai says that our relationship is everlasting. If we are once in relationship with him, He will protect us endlessly in every birth. It is a boon for every devotee. The relation that is formed out of desires will lead us towards Sadguru who would show us the most enlightened path for our life. Lord Sai enthralled us and drew us closer by saying “Utterance of my name with love is enough to fulfil their desires”. He gave us dharsan as sadguru, to bond a relation which cannot be separated by anyone. We can attain peace and happiness by worshipping his roopam and surrendering ourselves completely by doing his Seva. He will be the almighty for one who serves him with Bhakti. For whoever considers him as Sadguru he will be Sachidhananda Samardha Sadguru. He is our mother who gave us birth and he is like our father. There is no place in this universe without him as he is the whole universe which is seen by us. The word Sai which is chanted and heard everywhere is a key to destroy our sins (sarvapapa haranam). Bhakti tends to change according to the situations. But when it comes to Sai, bhakti cannot be diverted. This is the reason behind the enormous growth in the number of Sai devotees. In every nook and corner lord Saibaba’s temples are being established. Saitattva Pracharamu (activity) is taking place widely. It is not a plot which is lead by someone. In nature whatever happens has a reason. There is a reason beyond every happening. There is a reason behind this incarnation (avatar). There should be a solution for consequences that are taking place in the present society. Guru is only deemed capable of solving it. As said by Lord Krishna, Sai took a form (avatar) as a new God to re-establish Dharma. By never revealing his co-ordinates, incarnating as human, by setting Shirdhi as his platform and being creator of the universe he is named Sai by his devotees. There is no place in the whole universe without the creator himself. That is the reason why we can see the so called form Sai whose name is often recited. It would be a wild goose chase to search for the solution elsewhere when the same lies with us. So let us be happy by chanting Sairam.