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AKHILANDA KOTI BRAHMANDA NAYAKA! RAJADHIRAJA! YOGI RAJAPARABRAHMA! SRI SACHITHANANDA SAMARDA SADGURU SAINADH MAHARAJ KI JAI ! SAI DHARMA JYOTHI PARITHRANAYA SADUNAM VINAYASHAYACHA DRUSKUTAM DHRAMASAMSTHAPANAYA SAMBHAVAMI YUGE YUGE!!! I then manifest myself to deliver the saints and vanquish the evil-doers, to re-establish dharma, I shall appear in every age upholding those who support dharma and defeating those who oppose it. This was said by lord Krishna in the holy book of Gita (Bhagavad Gita). In the same manner lord Shirdi Sainadha appeared to re-establish dharma. Humanity as his nature, establishing dharma as his goal, leading an austere life by performing deeds without expectation (nishkamakrma), by Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (patience) as his medium, lord Saibaba in the form of light showed us the path which is required for motivating oneself towards self-realization. The ultimate purpose of Nanda deepam (light) is to remove ignorance through enlightenment. Lord Sainadha Maharaj shall support us in the development of knowledge by arousing consciousness in us. Sai dharma jyothi itself is a live example of lord Shirdi Sainadha’s blessing. It took a form on 8th of January2015 i.e. on Thursday in the holy place Shirdi where lord Samardha sadguru sachidhananda Sainadha maharaj led his life. It started from Kandobha temple which is regarded as kalpavriksh (wish-fulfilling divine tree in Hindu mythology) of Shirdi. The procession started from Kandobha temple which was followed by many devotees reciting lord’s name (nama sankeerthana) heading towards the home of Mahalsapathi, Shyama, Lakshmibhai shinde, Dwarakamayee, Chavidi, Samadhi mandiram, Lendi Baug (garden), Nanda deepam, Dattatreya temple, Laksmi temple, Panchamukha Ganapathi temple. Later, it was brought to Guntur after conducting prayers in some other holy places of Shirdi. With the blessings of lord Saibaba it was brought to Saiparivaar Guntur with good determination. The purpose of Saidharmajyothi is to endow peace and prosperity to the entire world. On the holy day of Sankranthi lord Saibaba gave dharshan as lord shiva to Meghashyama (devotee). Meghashyama had a direct perception of god through the senses (sakshatkaram means seeing god with one’s eyes). Meghashyama performed Abhisekham (a devotional activity) to Lord Shiva.This is the most important happening in Saicharithra where lord Saibaba filled Megashyama with knowledge. Uttarayan is a period between Makara Sankranti and is considered as very auspicious. If we undertake any activity in this period definitely it will bring good results and it will be successful. Hence we declare happily that we are going to start this programme on the auspicious day of Makara Sankrathi. In order to live in a society with family values, spiritual values, love and affection, without caste and creed discrimination with peace and harmony, we need the essence of Lord Sai baba’s life and follow his dharma which is humanity. All the temples of Saibaba will transform into abode of knowledge if every Sai devotee would make every effort to follow Sai dharma. The ultimate aim of Sai dharma jyothi is to spread Sai dharma along with high values. Sai Baba’s blessings would emanate in the form of energy to every place where dharmajyothi is taken. Guru can reduce any karma (evil effect). In the current society it will help by freeing us from sin or moral guilt if one tries to follow these simple steps. To get the divine blessings Sai dharma jyothi mahayagam can be performed at our home by following these basic series of steps. PROCEDURE One should keep the premises clean where you want to place jyothi (at home or at temple). Use water mixed with turmeric powder or cow’s urine to clean the place. All the members of the family must take part in this activity. One must sleep on the ground. One should not eat Non-Vegetarian food. One should not consume alcohol. Commit yourself to the practice of brahmacharya. One must always have the feeling that lord Saibaba is blessing us who is in the form of Jyothi (deepam). For forty minutes (40 mins) one should practice meditation (Dhyana), recite God’s name (Namamu), perform Pooja, sing devotional songs (Bhajana), and according to one’s probability satsang must be arranged (Santsang is a gathering where good people try to assimilate the truth). It can be done in the morning or in the evening according to one’s possibility. It is decided that jyothi (deepam) must remain for 24 hours i.e. from morning 9’o clock till next day morning 9 o’clock This religious practice can be arranged in groups (near jyothi) The most important factor is that this activity can be arranged at Baba’s temple on Sunday and Thursday. In 1008 places Sai dharma jothi yagam will be arranged to impart sanctity and to propagate power. By the sanctification of the Dhuni in the Baba’s temples and via the flux of the power of the sacred dharma jyothi, temples will be developed. Rewards and offering are not allowed. By using Guru sampradhayam(religious system)success can be achieved and happiness, oneness are developed . Sai dharma jyothi is a platform where every sai devotee will experience chaitanyam i.e. consciousness or intelligence. This mahayagam which commenced on Makara sankranthi in Guntur will be dedicated with complete oblation to lord sainadha’s divyacharnam(divine feet) at Shirdi on the holy day of vijayadashami 2018 which will be lord’s punyathiti(death anniversary day). Sai parivaar sevadhal will help you to find the convenient place to set the Jyothi at your home. To make it (jyothi) stay for 24hours one can use sesam oil or cow’s ghee according to one’s possibility. This activity can be arranged in any sai mandir( temple). For the welfare of the society this programme can be conducted at temples, satsang kendram (centre), educational institutions, and other Service institutions. Nagara sankeertana( to sing or dance in praise of the lord) can be celebrated in any village or town. Discrimination towards any caste, creed, or showing any difference between rich and poor are not encouraged. This mahayagam is performed for the benefit of the entire world and to re-establish truth. It (jyothi) will be kept only for 24 hours at ones’ residence or at any place later it will be moved to a different place. BENEFITS At home or at any temple the power of Sai dharma jyothi is propagated through which development will take place. One can arrange for parayana and bhajana satsang at the place where jyothi is placed. One will be freed from the unpleasant experiences caused by evil spirits and it is also a simple solution to free oneself from misfortune. It can remove the harmful effects caused by vastu (science of architecture). It will protect children, elderly persons and women from anxiety. If one goes to see Sai dharma jyothi regularly for40 days one will be freed from all the harmful effects (dosham). One will be blessed with good health and prosperity if they participate in Sai dharma jyothi seva (service). Financial problems will be eliminated by offering cow’s ghee. Special training will be given to every person Only trained persons are allowed to enter an activity. In shastra’s (part of vedic tradition) it is believed that if we worship lord Agni our desires will be fulfilled in a short time. Therefore he is given foremost position in Homam (ritual), Yegnam, Yagam, or in any puja (worship).By holding belief whoever participates in Sai dharma jyothi mahayagm they will definitely get the blessings of Lord Shirdi Sainadha. It is fortunate enough to see Sai dharma jyothi which is brought from the holy place Shirdi with good determination. The life of the person who performs Seva relentlessly is the blessed one. Only early enrolees will get the opportunity. This Yagam should not be conducted against ones will or feelings.